Q: Who can I contact with questions or for support?
A: Visit the Contact page for more information.


Q: Are there fees for using Ops? A: Yes, suppliers are charges fees for using the OpsTechnology software.  OpsTechnology charges a small fee per invoice based on the invoice package selected during registration.   The fees overtime will be significantly outweighed by the process savings that suppliers realize.

Q: Will I need a new invoice package for each customer? A: No, your invoice package can be shared with all properties and property management companies

Q: Will I be charged monthly? A: Electronic Invoice Suppliers are only charged each time the number of available invoices reaches the minimum balance for the invoice package selected

Managed Catalog Suppliers are billed monthly based on the transactions completed during the monthly billing period

Q: Will my invoices expire? A: No, the invoices remain with your OpsMerchant account as long as you are a part of the OpsTechnology supplier network.

Q: Who will send my payments and what are my payment options? A: OpsTechnology is not involved in the actual payment of your invoices.  The application facilitates the invoice process to the point in which it is exported to the property management companies accounting system.  The property management company will process the payment of the invoice.  Please contact the property management company regarding payment delivery options.

Q: I already have a OpsMerchant account, how can I add MMS to my Ops account? A: To register for a new property management company using your current OpsTechnology account, you can:

  • Login to your OpsMerchant account
  • Go to Account & Settings
  • Key the invitation code into the Invitation Acceptance area
  • Complete the online registration process

Q:I am registered, now what do I do? A: The next step will be for the property management company to send new account requests to your OpsMerchant account.  The requests will be displayed in the Messages section of your OpsMerchant account.

  • Select new account
  • Key in your account numbers
  • Save

You can also see the “Where do I go after I register” tab on this website

Q: Where do I find my account number to set up the properties? A: The account number used should be your accounting systems unique identifier for the property.  If you do not use account numbers, the property name can be unique.  Please note that each property should have a unique name or number assigned.

Q: What is a WTN number and where do I find it? A: A WTN number is a Work Tracking Number; this is often referred to as a PO (purchase order) number.  If you are receiving orders in your OpsTechnology account, the WTN number will be displayed on your order.  If you are an electronic invoice supplier, the WTN number should be provided to you by the property.

Q: I made a mistake on an invoice, how can I correct or void it? A: Invoices can’t be voided in OpsMerchant.  Please process a credit memo to correct the invoice if a mistake is made.   See the how to create a credit memo document in the training section for details on how to issue a credit memo.

Q: How can I tell if my invoice has been paid? A: Payment information (check number, date, and amount) will be sent back to OpsTechnology after the payment is processed.  This information can be found on your invoice in OpsMerchant.

  • Go to Invoices
  • Select the invoice
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view payment details

Please note that this information is not provided by OpsTechnology

Q: My company information has changed, how can I update it? A: Please see the update account information in OpsMerchant document located in the training section.